Introduction: Cornish Calendar Series

Following enquiries with the British Methodist Conference and unforeseen circumstances in the local church in Cornwall, the Chairman of the Methodist District, Rev Christopher Blake contacted Rev Ted Curnow and his wife who at the time were serving in a country appointment in South Australia.

The Curnows were invited to be in Cornwall within ten weeks to fill a position in the Hayle-St Ives circuit Cornwall.

Knowing that his surname CURNOW meant son of Cornwall, but little else, Ted and Beryl quickly arranged for local storage of their belongings and set off for Cornwall with just two suitcases. The 12 month assignment was extended into two remarkable years of affirmation and discovery. Although Ted was a fifth generation Aussie he was welcomed as a returning son of the Father Land.

Many were fascinated by regular letters written home during that period and in this series you are invited to enjoy the journey of the Cornish Calendar.


Curnow’s Cornish Calendar 1  Click here to begin a two year Cornish experience.

Click here for the Series Index


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